Hecha la ley…hecha la trampa

La idea de los Indonesios de dedicar canales exclusivos a carros con varios pasajeros y así reducir el tráfico en las calles no es nueva.  Lo que es nuevo es lo que se inventaron para sacarle ventaja:

To reduce the number of cars on the road, lawmakers have designated several main arteries as what they call “Three in One zones.” During the morning and afternoon rush, you can’t drive there unless you have at least three people on board. That’s why, near the entrances to the zones, men, women and children line up – raising their index finger – offering to rent themselves to commuters in a hurry.

20-year-old Litjak climbs into a black sedan, cradling her 2-month-old daughter Nabilah. Together, they’ll help a college student get to class on time. The baby gives Litjak a competitive advantage, providing two passengers for the price of one.

En Venezuela no funcionaría por el miedo a que uno de los pasajeros saque una pistola y te quite el carro…